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MercaptorTM develops drugs to treat damage, dysfunction, and degeneration of the brain. Our molecules, called captonsTM, are designed to reduce acute and progressive pathologies initiated by neuronal injury. Captons combine three complementary neuroprotective activities into a single small-molecule agent.
The approach is investigational and without precedent. It also promises significant improvements in the performance of a variety of drugs. If capton dosage is metered and delimited by the pathogenic species it is designed to treat, interference in healthy tissue function will be minimized.

We started Mercaptor DiscoveriesTM because science moves forward on unsteady feet, relying on a tiny amount of fortuity mixed into a vast trough of human frailty. Good luck cannot be ignored. Much of our time and effort has revolved around sulfur biochemistry. One day, we tripped over something unexpected, a result lying outside of our assumptions. Avoiding the false comfort of certainty, honest scientists sometimes catch a glimpse into the infinite Universe. These rare insights are more likely to help move the world forward than countless years spent trying to prove expectations. The opportunity obliges us to take responsibility for the continued development of what we have learned.

Mercaptor was conceived in September of 2016. A team of researchers at Raptor Pharmaceuticals faced a decision: either walk away from an intriguing discovery or pursue it on their own. Raptor had just been purchased. Research efforts would not be continued. Curiosity and excitement tipped the scales. A new company began to take form. Mercaptor’s founding premise, if true, supports new approaches to the treatment of brain injury and degeneration. The premise derives from unanticipated connections uncovered unintentionally in areas unrelated to neuroscience. In deciding to independently follow-up on these connections, Mercaptor recognizes the obligation implicit in the historical link between fortuity and progress. Glimpses of reality compel even accidental witnesses to realize the potential such knowledge may offer the world. Mercaptor stands ready to fulfill this responsibility.

Negotiations with Raptor’s new owner, in late 2016 and early 2017, allowed Mercaptor to secure a global, exclusive license to intellectual property relating to technology. This transaction effectively returned the science to its inventors. The inventors resumed their efforts, now at Mercaptor, in March of 2017, seeking to fully realize the technology’s potential for brain injury and degeneration.

Mercaptor Discoveries is a privately-held company, headquartered in Novato, California. We strive to do good science, sweeten brutal honesty with genuine friendship, and share each workday with as many dogs as possible.

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