The Team

The Discovery Team

We have a small, dedicated, cross-functional team and feel strongly about maintaining scientific integrity. The Mercaptor espirit de corps is rooted in mutual respect and trust that has been cultivated over years of shared effort. We all wear many hats - proudly.

Amanda Ko
Annie Verde
Carole Barrow
Chris Rincon
Esmeralda Ponce
Kim R. Tsuchimoto
Renée Kinkade
Sara Isbell
Sheana Nieh
Dr. Todd Zankel Ph.D.
Victoria Mendonca

The Pack

Grappling with conceptually-challenging new science, working for hours at the bench to complete impossibly-complex experiments designed to illuminate the dark, analyzing pages of data from the laboratory, and then synthesizing all that information into presentations that can be understood by the world; this is our challenge. And while it is one we embrace gladly, it can all be overwhelming if not kept in perspective. Nothing clears the head or brings real perspective more than a relationship with furry friends. Mercaptor takes full advantage of the opportunity to reap the benefits of a symbiotic relationship that began tens-of-thousands of years ago—with our best friends.

We value the team behind the team: Our dogs. They tolerate our quirks in exchange for love, reciprocated 100-fold, occasional treats and long hikes in the hills that rise behind Mercaptor and continue all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Read about our canine companions below:

Ellie Rae
Kahlua “Lulu”
Manchego “Chego”

The Tech Team

Our Tech Ops Team keeps everything behind the scenes running smoothly and looking good.

Paul Zabierek
Shawn Nelson