Annie Verde | Vice President, Finance and Administration

Annie is the consummate caregiver of the team. She handles finance, benefits, accounting and the wide array of day-to-day operations that make this place run seamlessly. Annie is detail-oriented yet doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She supports the entire Mercaptor team, facilitating our research and helping to build a strong infrastructure and foundation for us to thrive and operate optimally. With nearly 40 years of experience in finance and administration, Annie is extremely experienced with auditing, resource management, budgeting, tracking financial resources, human capital management, financial software implementation, cash management, oversight of stock option plans. She has assisted in due diligence in preparation for Initial Public Offering (IPO), and has served on many cross-functional project teams. She also has extensive experience in overseeing facilities and purchasing to ensure the team has the equipment and reagents needed for experiments and general operations. Within the dynamic environment produced by a startup, she has been a vital and versatile team player within various departments and she also assists the team in achieving successful outcomes by fostering a nurturing learning environment through cross-training initiatives.