Mercaptor Hopes Fighting Traumatic Brain Injury Will Help Fight Homelessness

Homelessness and TBI

Mercaptor Discoveries is developing drugs and therapies that we hope can be a major tool in the battle against Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). While most of us are aware that TBI affects athletes, first responders, and combat troops, we didn’t think that we might actually be helping in the battle to help the homeless epidemic as well.

According to a recently published study from researchers at the University of British Columbia, more than half of people experiencing homelessness have a traumatic brain injury at some point in their life – which experts say could be either a consequence or even the cause of their homelessness.

We’re hopeful that we can find a way to help everyone with TVBI and a host of neurodegenerative disorders. Here at Mercaptor, we’re working towards finding solutions.

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