Women Who Inspire: Victoria Mendonca on Marie Curie and Maria Lewis

For Women’s History Month we’re celebrating all of the women who have inspired us. Today’s installment is from Victoria Mendonca, who is inspired by Marie Curie and Maria Lewis.


Name: Victoria Mendonca

Title: Manager of Business Development & Portfolio Management

Inspired By: Marie Curie and Maria Lewis

Why these women?

Selecting just one individual who has inspired me is nearly an impossible feat; as such I have elected to focus upon two women who have helped shape the woman I have become.

The first is Madame Marie Curie. She was fearless, persistent, and focused. Her contributions to the scientific community are vast (observed not only through her Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics); the discovery of Radium and Polonium changed the face of health care by championing the development of X-rays by leveraging radium to be the source of gamma radiation. She inspired me to remain focused and tenacious when pursuing my goals whether in Science, Business, within my personal goals, and life in general.

The second, albeit she is not a scientist, she has supported and cheered on a scientist at heart for nearly 30 years. She is strong, independent, a natural hard-working leader, and fearless, she’s my Mom. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I am grateful each and every day for her love and kindness.