Women Who Inspire: Renee Kinkade on Rosalind Franklin

For Women’s History Month we’re celebrating all of the women who have inspired us. Today’s installment is from Renee Kinkade, who is inspired by Rosalind Franklin.

Name: Renee Kinkade
Title: Research Associate II
Inspired By: Rosalind Franklin
Why this woman?

When I was attending Santa Rosa Jr. College and was deciding on a major, I visited with several chemistry and biology professors. I asked some questions and mostly just needed a little advice. One of the professors gave me the book The Double Helix by James Watson. I expected to be blown away by Watson and Crick and their puzzling out the structure of DNA, but it was Rosalind Franklin who spoke to me. She had a forceful personality, was driven, loved her work, was extremely intelligent and focused. It also didn’t hurt that she focused on DNA, the genetic blueprint for every cell. Unfortunately, she existed in a time of science when few women were able to breakthrough.

I believe it was Rosalind’s focus, genius, and relentlessness that has inspired me the most. And of course, I love the science! I am grateful to live in a time when female scientists abound and are successful. I’m even more grateful to work for a company teeming with smart, supportive, and amazing women like Mercaptor.