Women Who Inspire: Annie Verde on Jane Goodall

For Women’s History Month we’re celebrating all of the women who have inspired us. Today’s installment is from Annie Verde, who is inspired by Jane Goodall.

Name: Annie Verde

Title: VP of Finance and Administration

Inspired By: Jane Goodall

For women’s history month, I’d like to acknowledge Jane Goodall, the primatologist, anthropologist, and activist who is one of the world’s leading experts on chimpanzees. She is an inspiring woman who achieved great success because she persevered despite often being dismissed for being “just a girl.” She is known for her ground-breaking discoveries in the field, completely transforming our understanding of chimpanzees. Notably, she was one of very few people to receive a Ph.D. without having a prior degree, but her accomplishments in the field proved her worthy.

I am moved by how she is strong, dedicated and compassionate and has become such a loyal advocate for wildlife and sustainable development. She’s the founder of The Jane Goodall Institute and is a United Nations Messenger of Peace. She inspires others through various initiatives and institutes, encouraging ecological preservation. Even in her mid-80’s, she travels extensively, spreading her message to the next generation about environmental and conservation issues as well as raising awareness about poverty in local communities. She is the proof that passion can continue to drive you, no matter what age you are.