Mercaptor Team Member Spotlight: Sheana Nieh

Mercaptor Discoveries is made up of some pretty amazing people – smart, passionate pros who pursue science with the goal of helping millions who suffer from neurodegenerative conditions including ALS, CTE, TBI, MS and more. We like to call these team players “Mercaptains.”

Today we highlight Sheana Nieh, Research Associate II. Sheana has been with us since day one — (09-13-16) and Sheana’s contributions to the research team go back to when she joined Raptor (where Mercaptor’s core group of scientists joined forces) in February 2014.

Sheana just welcomed her first child, Enzo. He’s a pretty adorable addition to the team.

We asked this talented scientist a few questions about what motivates her at Mercaptor and outside of work.

Q. What are your passions/favorite projects at work?
A. My passion here at Mercaptor is to contribute to our research as a valuable team member. I work in the lab as well as in the office and find joy contributing to our cause in any shape or form. Working at the bench and being able to reproduce data is the most fulfilling aspect of working in the lab. Coming together and giving back to the community also brings a sense of gratification as well as raising money for causes such as the Walk to End ALS, Moving Day for #Parkinson’s Disease and Augie’s Quest.

Q. What are your passions/favorite things to do outside of work?
A. Outside of work, I enjoy taking my dog hiking in the beautiful mountains of Marin County. Being a new human mom, life is becoming more fulfilling and I will enjoy taking our little guy on hikes with our pup. Being active is important in my family and will continue to share this passion with our little one.

Q. What do you love about working at Mercaptor?
a. Working with the team here at Mercaptor for many years has been nothing short of amazing. The dynamic here in the office is organic and we are all able to work as a team. Each and every one of us has a talent that is utilized here at Mercaptor without hesitation and helps us keep up such a productive workplace.

Q. Do you have a pet that you bring to work? What is his/her name?
A. Yes! Her name is Riley. She is about a 2.5-year-old Staffordshire Terrier Mix.

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