Mercaptor Team Member Spotlight: Amanda Ko

Mercaptor Team Member Spotlight: Amanda Ko

Mercaptor Discoveries is made up of incredibly talented people who pursue science with the goal of helping millions who suffer from neurodegenerative conditions including #ALS#CTE#TBI#MS and more.
This month we highlight Amanda Ko, Senior Scientist. 
Amanda has been part of Mercaptor Discoveries since day one. She is always enthusiastic about helping others in the lab and exploring the great outdoors in her free time. We asked this brilliant scientist a few questions about what motivates her at Mercaptor and outside of work.

Q. What are your passions/favorite projects at work?
A. I love how fluid the science is. We are able to follow the data where it leads us, design new experiments accordingly, dive into a rabbit hole of literature and come out with a whole new set of knowledge and questions. It’s always exciting regardless of what project or indication we are working on. Every little step forward is a huge success in my book- especially in our field of study!

Q. What are your passions/favorite things to outside of work?
A. I love spending time with my family traveling or adventuring outdoors. We love to camp/backpack, overland, snowboard, relax on the beach, or visit new fun places together.

Q. Do you have any volunteer work or community outreach you would like to highlight?
A. My family and I enjoy participating in the volunteer work and community outreach projects Mercaptor has been involved in- ALS walks, Parkinson’s Moving Day, Habitat for Humanity. We also like to donate to several foundations- animal rescues and California State Parks are some in particular that are dear to us.

Q. What do you love about working at Mercaptor? 
A. I love our team and our work environment. The Mercaptor humans and dogs are my second family and I am so grateful to come to work every day. Even my kids love coming into work. I’m the cool scientist Mom, with the awesome job (according to my 4 year old).

Q. Do you have a pet that you bring to work? What is his/her name?
A. Yes- 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Nani and Milo, who have been coming to work with me since the first year I started at Raptor (12 years!)

Q. Have anything to add?
A. I’m all about adventure and the one with my Mercaptor Family continues to be an amazing experience filled with wonderful memories!

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