The Executive Team

The Board

Mercaptor has been fortunate in the composition of its Board of Directors. Relying initially on two hapless founders, Mercaptor was mercifully introduced by friends to our board members. Possessed of extraordinary and fortuitously-apt skills for an endeavor like Mercaptor their accession to the Board provided encouragement to a team in need of a little validation and added decades of applicable experience to Mercaptor’s managerial team.

Erich Sager, MBA
James Kovach, MD, JD
Ralph O’Rear
Sara Isbell
Dr. Todd Zankel Ph.D.


The Advisory Board

A tiny company, a remarkable discovery, and a lot to do.  Mercaptor presented some interesting problems.  And not the kind familiar to scientists.  One such problem was in engaging the world and communicating our story; another, related, but a more existential problem, was in finding money.  We needed help.  People to show us a way, without ignoring some founding principles:  Avoid reliance on the sclerotic, inefficient approach to drug development common in the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Adriano Aguzzi, MD, PhD