Manchego “Chego”

Manchego “Chego”

Manchego “Chego”

Chihuahua Miniature Pincher Mix

Chego is a little prince, you will sometimes catch him being carried in and out of work wrapped in his blanket by mom. He is a sweet and playful boy with the occasional outburst of zoomies. Chego is an independent little man who likes to wander and explore but when he is over that he will search for any lap to sleep in by pawing at you to pick him up into your lap. He is afraid of loud noises and crowded places so if you see him in someone’s arms it’s because he wants to feel protected. He is Esme’s ray of sunshine at all times of the day.

Brings to the Table:
Always on alert, you can always count on Chego to notify you when someone has entered the building. He keeps Mercaptor Discoveries headquarters safe from “evil” birds bouncing and flying around the parking lot. You may catch him looking out the windows warning strangers to stay away. But don’t get him the wrong way he is truly a sweet and kind boy, he won’t ever hurt anyone he just loves to show off his “loud” roar.

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