Kahlua “Lulu”

Kahlua “Lulu”

Kahlua “Lulu”

Yorkshire Terrier

Kahula is Mercaptor’s resident Momma’s girl (unless Dad is nearby). She is a ball of energy that loves to play with her tennis ball, squeaky toys, and anything she can eat. She is competitive, and frequently jealous when mom gives any attention to any other dog… Jealousy aside, you can typically find her napping on someone’s lap, dancing or doing tricks to earn treats, or waiting for mom to return from a meeting, the restroom, lunch, etc. She may be a bit asocial, but we all know she loves the pack here at Mercaptor.

Brings to the Table:
Kahlua brings lots of joy and laughter to the team with her quirky personality mixed with her sweet and sassy demeanor. She lives up to the saying, “small dog, big personality.”

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